Gacha Life Games Online

Every anime fan at least once heard about a big amount of benefits of Gacha Life. We want to tell you, why this game is so popular and you should totally check it out on this website.

Meet People All Over The World

One of the best part of Gacha Life is the fact, that it is online game. You, your friends and every other user are able to enjoy it at the same time from different places. Think about how cool it will be to communicate with people, having the same interests and favorite things as you.

We are trying to build friendly community, supports you and help with every issue. To achieve this big aim we made a group chat, where you are able to exchange impressions, ask for the advises and simply talk with each other.

Everyone Can Join

We know, how tough to discover your favorite product is blocked and you lost any access to it. Don’t worry, this is unblocked game, so everybody is able to join the server. There we can find MORE GAMES about. The GL Series is available for everyone: from a busy adult, who wants to relax after rough day to an interested student.

You don’t need any special keys to enjoy it with your friends and other gamers. You have a possibility to play every mode for free, just earn diamonds by creating stories and passing quests. There is no download version, so everything you need is to press the Start button here. Play it on phone or computer – there are no limits for you.


In the beginning of the game you need to create your cool characters. We prepared tons of fashionable clothes and cute hairstyles you are capable of using, while designing your beauty. There is even the opportunity to change every part of the face from lips to brows and facial expressions. Bunch of adorable accessories may adorn your avatar and make the look finished.

Choose wings to make a cute magical creature or gloves, fitting to your elegant outfit. Moreover, there are various cool already finished avatars, which you may pick up, change their clothes, add some fascinating stuff, do a haircut and select pose. It may be animated or static, for the all body or the part of it. As soon you finish all this preparations, go and start your journey.

After that, start filming amazing videos in studio mode, the only thing you need is your imagination. Upload them on different platforms and watch GLMM on YouTube. Participate in uphill battles, earn diamonds and try yourself in a lottery with guaranteed prizes you can give to NPC and other players. You are further able to add them to your stylish look or decorate backgrounds. Communicate with friends in chat and meet them in this virtual world.

Also, new parts of it with many updates, like new clothes, avatars, habiliments and other, will be released soon. So monitor the latest updates and enjoy your time in Gacha Life.